South Indian Fine Arts Academy




Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam are two such traditional art forms that stretch back thousands of years.

Originating from South India, these are steeped in bhakti and bhava - two pillars of the emotive expressions that pour forth from these compositions. The Indian diaspora in the RTP area and the larger North Carolina region has grown geometrically in recent years and SIFAA was an organization that was started with the stated goal of bringing South Indian art forms to the community here. Way back in 2002, a group of Carnatic Music Enthusiasts in the area strived to start an organization that would bridge the US and India. Bringing together the growing public interest here and performing artists there and providing an avenue and stage for performances.

Over the years there have been many programs hosted by SIFAA - including performances by Sangeetha Kalanidhi's, young and upcoming musicians, featured performers of dance forms and other highly talented artists. These programs are sustained by donations from art lovers and the sale of tickets to these much-acclaimed performances. A large part of our annual expenses is underwritten by many enthusiasts of Carnatic music in the area.

SIFAA's marquee event every year is the Margazhi in RTP/Fall Festival which has been a great success the past six years. This 3-day festival brings together an amazing repertoire of artists and students of music and dance both from our state and beyond. SIFAA also partners with local chapters of music communities at Duke, UNC and NC State to organize music events and workshops at these universities.

While our goal has always been to strive to bridge and create cultural awareness through Carnatic music, SIFAA has also been keen to support and strengthen our younger generation and their love for this genre of music. The RTP area has been blessed to have a lot of practitioners and teachers who call this area home. SIFAA has conducted yearly music competitions with judges invited from India and across the US to provide added impetus and bring a sense of accomplishment to our young artists. Conducted every year since 2016, these competitions have had an overwhelming response and participants of yesteryear’s have gone on to universities across the USA while retaining their interest in continued learning and performances till today. It takes a village - goes the aphorism, and we invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor. Help us bring more fine music and art from our sub-continent to these shores. Help us keep traditions and Carnatic music alive in the hearts and minds of our young ones. Join us and help strengthen our fold. We are in the process of obtaining a grant from the State of NC to incubate and sustain specific focus areas of our footprint in the community. These are exciting times. Please reach out and become a part of SIFAA. Our members sustain us. Our volunteers and music teachers and stalwarts support and guide us. Reach out to ask how you can help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Board Of Directors

Palghat K Sridhar

Chitra Ramanarayanan

Subha Sridharan

Madhu Rangappagowda

Lakshmi Chellamani

Ramana Ramana Jayanty

Ravi Mulukutla

Visvesh Balasubramanian

R. Jayakrishnan