2015 Program

Vocal: Shri Ramakrishnan Murthy

 Vocal Concert: Shri Ramakrishnan Murthy

Violin: Shri RK Shriramkumar
 Mridangam: Shri. K Arun Prakash
 Date: Oct 30, 2015, Friday
 Time: 7:30 pm
 Location: West Cary Middle School


Violin Duet: Shri Ganesh and Kumaresh

Violen Duet:  Shri Ganesh and Kumaresh

Mridangam: Shri  Sankaranarayanan Ramani
Ghatam: Shri Krishnaswamy Sankaararaman

Date: Friday, Oct 2, 2015
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: 133 Rosenau Hall, Chapel Hill, NC



The Carnatica Brothers

Indian Classical Vocal Concert: Friday, May 8th, 2015, 7 pm. FREE

Carnataca Brother (Vocal)
Sri. Trivandrum M. Sampath (Violin)
Sri. Sudhindra Rao (Mridangam)
Venue: HSNC Main Hall, Cary NC



Carnatic Music Workshop by Vidwan Shri K.N. Shashikiran

Carnatic Music Workshop by Vidwan. Shri K.N.Shashikiran

If you are interested, please email Srividhya Kidambi at vidhya.kidambi@gmail.com for further details. The workshop will be conducted on May 7th and May 9th 2015 in Cary NC

We are conducting a Carnatic music workshop exclusively for the music enthusiasts of Raleigh bringing in one of the most sought after musicians from India, Kalaimamani Vidwan Shri K.N. Shashikiran of the popular "Carnatica Brothers" duo. The workshop will be conducted on May 7th/9th 2015 in Cary NC

Tyagaraja Aradhana - 2015

Program: April 18th, 2015
Time: 10am - 5 pmVenue: HSNC mandir Hall

Please register by calling Anuradha Chivukula at 467-2035 or via email to: anuradhachivukula@yahoo.com

Registration deadline: April 1
Registration fees: $10

See details in the flyer:   Tyagaraja Flyer


Vocal Concert by Malladi Brothers

Vocal: Malladi Brothers

Date: Fri., Apr 10th
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: HSNC Cultural Hall, Morrisville, NC 
Sponsorship: In Collaboration with ICMDS


Vocal: Sri. O.S. Tyagarajan

Vocal Concert by Sri. O.S. Tyagarajan

Violin :-Sri Mysore Srikanth
Mridangam:- Sri Akshay Anantapadmanabhan

Date: March 22nd
Time: 4.00 PM 
West Cary Middle School, Cary NC


Violin Concert - Dr. M. Narmadha

Violin Concert by Dr. M. Narmadha 

Carnatic Violin Concert by Kalaimamani Dr. M.Narmadha

A tribute to Violinist Extraordinaire  Padma Bhushan Shri. M.S.Gopalakrishnan 

Mridangam: Arjun Raghavan

Date: March 19, 2015

Time: 7:15 on

Place: The Friday Center, 100 Friday Center Dr, Chapel Hill 
(2 miles on Rt. 54 West, from Exit 273A on Hwy 40W or 273 on 40E
Ample Parking at venue)